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Postcard, used. The image, looking toward Church Street, is of an event on the normal school grounds. The man in the center, who may be holding a camera, may be Principal Murdock. The cancellation date is not entirely clear, but was stamped on July…

A group of children and adults on Mt. Greylock. On the back (in pencil) "Myron (?) (crossed out)/Majel & Hilton/on Greylock/(in ink)about 1915/Thomas Cummings" Majel was Roy Leon Smith's daughter. He was a faculty member (geography, science,…

A group of marching school children, mostly girls. There is an American flag in the background. Several spectators are holding umbrellas to protect themselves from the sun, since there are obvious shadows on the ground. The back is blank.

A group of school children in the style of clothing from the 18th century bowing to each other. They are on the lawn below Murdock Hall. The back is blank.

A view from College Hall to the north of the school gardens. The gardeners appear to be the normal school students and faculty. The old Mark Hopkins school can be seen in the background. On the back (in pencil) School garden plots/1917

A view of College Hall taken from the northeast. Marked on the back: N.A. N.S. (for North Adams Normal School.)

A view of the east side of College Hall (now called Murdoch Hall) and the North Adams Normal School. The back is blank.

A view of the east side of College Hall. A section of the dormitory, Taconic Hall, can just be seen on the left. Back: Normal Hall (in ink.)

A view of the east side of the dormitory, Taconic Hall. 'Taconic Hall' is written across the bottom edge in red ink. On the back: (in red ink) "Legend: Taconic Hall (E.; (in pencil) (Insert at E. in place of A berkshire Path) (Eliminate the cable…

A view of the normal school campus looking to the northwest. On the back (in pencil): "Lower campus/N.A.N.S./3-17"

A wintery view of the normal school buildings from the southeast. From left to right the buildings are Taconic Hall, College Hall and the Principal's house. Taconic Hall is written on the back in ink.
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