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Principal Murdock and his wife Alice. The back is blank.

Frank Fuller Murdock, faculty and principal.

This may be a photograph of a party in honor of Principal Murdock's retirement in 1921. He can be seen standing in the middle of the photograph. On the back (in pencil): "Principal Murdock"

Frank Fuller Murdock and unknown man in front of Smith House. Two normal school students can be seen on the right. The back is blank.

Faculty at the normal school in the 1920s. The man in the back left is probably Principal Smith. The woman seated second from the left is Grace Donelson, the normal school librarian. On the back (in pencil): "Faculty party. N.A.N.S."

Postcard, used. The image, looking toward Church Street, is of an event on the normal school grounds. The man in the center, who may be holding a camera, may be Principal Murdock. The cancellation date is not entirely clear, but was stamped on July…

Principal Murdock (r) and his successor Principal Smith (l). This may have been taken at a retirement party for Principal Murdock in Pittsfield in 1921. On the back (in pencil): "l-r/Roy Leon Smith/Frank Murdock"

Principal Murdock. The back is blank.

This may be a photograph of a farewell event held in Pittsfield on the occasion of Principal Murdock's retirement in 1921 or 1922. The back is blank.

The North Adams Normal School was founded in 1894 and opened in 1897. In 1932 it became the State…
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