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A view of normal school students on the porch of the dormitory, with a 48-star flag hanging between two pillars. The back of the photograph is blank.

School children and adults on the lawn below Murdock Hall. Taconic Hall can be seen in the background, along with houses on Lawrence Avenue. The back is blank.

A view of the east side of the dormitory, Taconic Hall. 'Taconic Hall' is written across the bottom edge in red ink. On the back: (in red ink) "Legend: Taconic Hall (E.; (in pencil) (Insert at E. in place of A berkshire Path) (Eliminate the cable…

Gardens. The building on the right is the dormitory. The back is blank.

A view of the east side of College Hall. A section of the dormitory, Taconic Hall, can just be seen on the left. Back: Normal Hall (in ink.)

The buildings in the photograph are, left to right, the Principal's House (now Smith House), Taconic Hall (dormitory) and College Hall, now Murdock Hall. Murdock Hall and Smith House were named after the first principal's of the normal school: Frank…
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