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A view from College Hall to the north of the school gardens. The gardeners appear to be the normal school students and faculty. The old Mark Hopkins school can be seen in the background. On the back (in pencil) School garden plots/1917

Normal school faculty in the school gardens. Roy Leon Smith, not yet principal at this time, can be seen on the left. He taught geography, science and gardening. The man on the right may be Albert Eldridge, who taught English and history. If so, the…

Gardens. The building on the right is the dormitory. The back is blank.

There are no identifying geographic features to confirm if this photograph is the normal school garden or a garden at one of the other training schools associated with NANS. Normal school students would have supervised the gardens at any of the local…

School children and faculty in normal school gardens. The back is blank.

Looking across the normal school property from College Hall to the north. The clock tower on the right belongs to the old Mark Hopkins School. The single story building in the center is Mark Hopkins gymnasium. The children from the Mark Hopkins…

Roy Leon Smith. The location is unknown, but the buildings don't match buildings in known normal school gardens photographs. On the back (in pencil): "Roy Leon Smith"; (stamped): "3 86"

School children walking through the normal school gardens to the old Mark Hopkins School. The back is blank.

School children working in the garden at the school in Briggsville, MA. On the back (in pencil): "Briggsville/Mass/1914"

Students from the Mark Hopkins Training School in the garden. They are being supervised by normal school students. The view is approximately from the present-day Mark Hopkins parking lot toward Church Street. The image appears to have been marred…

Training school students from the old Mark Hopkins School working in the normal school gardens. Two normal school students, seen on the left in long skirts are supervising them. On the back (in pencil and ink): During /1912/6th & 8th. Perhaps this…
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