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Majel Smith, daughter of Principal Roy Leon Smith and normal school graduate in 1927. On the back (in pencil): "Majel Smith/Daughter of Principal/Roy Leon Smith/Normal School graduate/1927"

Normal school students and children practicing archery on the east side of Murdock Hall. On the front (in ink): "Archery 1915" The back is blank.

Field Day balance race on the lawn in front of Taconic Hall. On the front (in ink) upper right corner: "no.8" On the back (in ink): "Balance race - Field Day/North Adams Normal."

Seven normal school students on the porch of the Principal's House. On the back (in ink): "N.A.N., 1902/Haddow,/Walsh,/Somers,/Donovan,/Burdeck,/Lyons,/Munson"

Eight normal school students. On the back (in ink): "1913/group/local students/* is/Jenny/Rosenberg/(Fyler)"

Normal school student Mabelle Raguse. On the front (in ink): "Mabel Raguse" On the back (in pencil): "Oct. 1912"; (in ink): "Oct. 1912/Mabel Raguse" According to the 1913 yearbook, her name was Mabelle.

Normal school students who appear to be wearing costumes. The back has the number 837 stamped on it.

A set of photos showing normal school students and others watch a presentation on reading by another student. They are sitting outdoors on the east side of Murdock Hall. The sign on the platform says "Reading."

The absence of the dormitory in the…

Summer school faculty and students on a trip to the east portal of the Hoosac Tunnel in 1930. On the back (in ink): "Summer school 1930/trip to east portal/6422/(Cromack)" Cromack may be a reference to Lois Amelia Cromack, class of 1930.

Training school students building something. The view may be to the southwest from approximately where Freel Library now stands. See item 2018.36.1 for a similar view. Thie photograph was made in a postcard.

Students from the Mark Hopkins Training School in the garden. They are being supervised by normal school students. The view is approximately from the present-day Mark Hopkins parking lot toward Church Street. The image appears to have been marred…

Training school students from the old Mark Hopkins School working in the normal school gardens. Two normal school students, seen on the left in long skirts are supervising them. On the back (in pencil and ink): During /1912/6th & 8th. Perhaps this…
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