North Adams Families and Prominent People


North Adams Families and Prominent People


North Adams Families


A collection of artifacts contributed by North Adams residents relating to the city's families and people. Contributors include Justyna Carlson and Paul Marino, both experts in local history, as well as Hannah Noel, a professor at MCLA. Other contributors are Brenda Murphy, Molly Moynihan, and Mary Lescarbeau.


Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, Department of History and Political Science


Justyna Carlson, Paul Marino, Hannah Noel, Molly Moynihan, Brenda Murphy, Mary Lescarbeau.




Local History, North Adams (Mass).


North Adams (Mass)

Collection Items

Digital Image of Hugh P. Drysdale from 1897 Williams College Yearbook.
Digital Image of Hugh P. Drysdale, lawyer and politician from North Adams (Mass), from the 1897 Williams College Yearbook, The Gulielmensian.

Digital Image of Roy Waldo Miner, Marine Biologist
Image of Roy Waldo Miner from the Marine Biological Laboratory Archives

Digital Image of Roy Waldo Miner
Image of Roy Waldo Miner from The LIFE Picture Collection

Digital Image of George P. Lawrence
Image of George Pelton Lawrence from Who's Who in State Politics, 1908

Digital Image of George P. Lawrence
Digital Image of George P. Lawrence from the Biographical Directory of the U.S. Congress, Titled "Around the Capital".

Drury High School Class of 1898
A photograph of the graduating class of 1898 from Drury High School, North Adams (Mass), as featured in the yearbook.

Multiple Items. Four Yearbooks that she considers her yearbook project. The yearbooks mean more to her then just a book. The yearbooks begin with the Mark Hopkins School yearbook in her 5th/6th grade. The Hugh Peyton family photos and yearbooks are…

Introduction Manual
The cover of the Introduction Manual for the Minute 16 Camera of Universal Camera Corporation.

Letter from Nina Thomas to Mrs. Anthony Marino, February 12, 1964
A letter from Nina Thomas, of Antiques Q&A at House & Garden, explaining to Mrs. Anthony Marino, the origins and making of her silver moustache cup. Noting that the cup is actually plated silver, not pewter.

Cat Postcard
German-made cat postcard with 3D effects and squeaky noise. There is both a front and a back to the postcard. On the front there is a picture of a cat, and on the back there are places for a stamp, address, and message.

Letter to Hugh Drysdale From his cousin
This is a letter written to Hugh Drysdale from his cousin who was vacationing in Naples. The cousin's name is not clear. 

Top hat made by Cutting & Co.
Black top hat, made of beaver skin and fabric. Has elk trademark inside hat on top (seal of Cutting & Co., a retailer that used to be in North Adams center.) Once owned by the Richmond sisters, who had inherited it from their father, and then later…
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