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A Yearbook of North Adams

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North Adams has been home to many successful people; businessman, politicians, academics, and others.  Many of those people began their lives and education at local schools, including Drury High School and Williams College.  This exhibit draws from an array of yearbooks that give a glimpse into the history and stories of a few of North Adams's most prominent figures. 

It is an illustration of the connectedness of lives within a community, in yearbook form.

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From Paper to Paint: North Adams' Transition to a Creative Economy

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From Arnold Paperworks to the opening of the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Arts in 1999, the Marshall St. complex has been the site of dominating forces in North Adams' history. This exhibit examines North Adams' transition from an industrial center in the nineteenth century to a creative hub in the twenty first.  

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Traveling with Agnes Scully

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This exhibit features a postcard collection that follows the life of Miss Agnes Scully. Agnes Scully was just an average citizen of North Adams whos old postcards were discovered in the basement of a foreclosed house on Windsor Lake. Through these historic artifacts, we were able to "get to know" Miss Agnes Scully and take a glimpse of what her life was like and how she lived it. This exhibit is an example of how relatable history is to any individual, regardless of the legacy they leave behind. Each and every person on this earth holds their own personal history, we as a species collectively make history every day. And you never know, similar to the case of Miss Agnes Scully, one day 100 years from now students may be studying YOUR historical artifacts.