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Postcard of a black and white baby. It is unsent and the back is empty.

Postcard of a portrait of a woman. The postcard is unsent and the back is blank.

Battleship Virginia.jpg
A postcard depicting the World War I battleship the US Virginia. It is unsent and the back is blank.

Washington Elm.jpg
A postcard depicting the Washington Elm, a tree in Cambridge which stood for 210 years until it died in 1923. It is unsent and the back is blank.

Burden Lake.jpg
A postcard depicting Burden Lake. Addressed to Agnes Scully. The back is transcribed as “Dear Agnes, I have not forgotten you Sara All Jesie and I have had a lovely time here Sunday. I will write soon with Bore Allentine Miss Agnes Scully Windsor…

The Time.jpg
A postcard depicting a couple in an embrace in a park with a black and white border. Addressed to Frank Chase. The back is transcribed as "Frank Chase".

A postcard depicting six individuals laughing with each other, with the phrase "I'm coming to see you and we'll have a jolly time". Addressed to Carl Poage. The sender has written "you come to see me" above the phrase. the back side reads “Dearest…

A postcard showing a couple walking in a park, while the woman looks at another man. Addressed to Miss Agnes Scully. The back reads “From Ellen Scully Miss Agnes Scully Windsor Lake North Adams Mass”.

Leap Year.jpg
A postcard with the phrase "If men have cold feet, we must warm our hearts. There is a drawing of a blonde woman in a yellow shirt cooking some food. The back reads “I guess we will be back soon Agnes”.

I May.jpg
A postcard with an artist's cartoon depiction of a man getting mauled by a tiger. It is titled "I May Not See You Again", but the "not" has been crossed out by the sender. The sender has also added French subtitles for the man and the tiger.…

A postcard with a poem titled "Soldier's Dream" transcribed as "In the flicker of the candle loving faces around me come; as I think of home and dear ones of the future when duty's done". The postcard depicts a soldier writing home while surrounded…

A postcard with an artist's rendition of an older man sitting on a stool in front of a wooden building. Addressed to Agnes Scully. The back is transcribed as “Dear Agnes I forget all about you you will now know your feller on the other side your…
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