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Man, with a fishing rod and dog, walking down a country road. Text on the front: "Gilt Edge/(in large bottles)/is the only gloss dressing for ladies' shoes that contains/oil to soften the leather and make it wear longer./Sole manufacturers/Whittemore…

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A postcard of a young black girl sits on the lap of a black boy. The boy seems very surprised. there is text at the bottom that says "Henry! I just lubs every corner of yo' head" Addressed to Miss Agnes Scully. The back is transcribed as "Dear Ag-…

North Adams Normal school graduation photo of F. McDonald, Marjorie Hume, and A. Marshall. June, 1930.

Photo of MCLA student Rob Masabry in front of two brick buildings at the end of Blackinton Street, as of 2022, the MCLA President's House in the front right and the MCLA Student Wellness Center in the back left. Text on the back reads "Christina…

Black Cowbell missing the clapper. It reads "Colonial" "1832" and "1909" on the side. Colonial is the company, 1832 indicates when the company was founded and 1909 is when the bell was made.

Identified (in ink) on the front as Father Louis LeDuc of the Church of Notre Dame du Sacre Couer in North Adams. He died in May 1894. The photograph was taken by the studio of C(onstant) Bombardier, 44 Holden Street, North Adams, Mass. The back is…

A young girl in a dark dress, with smocking and a plaid sash around her waist. The photograph was taken by C(onstant) Bombardier, 44 Holden Street, North Adams, Mass. On the back (in pencil): "Ina J. Borden/6 yrs"

Black top hat, made of beaver skin and fabric. Has elk trademark inside hat on top (seal of Cutting & Co., a retailer that used to be in North Adams center.) Once owned by the Richmond sisters, who had inherited it from their father, and then later…

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Postcard of County Court House, Schenectady, N.Y front

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Back of the letter, County Court House Schenectady, N.Y.

A collection of pages from a business ledger in 1940. The pages are a documentation of the accounts of a business, primarily of what was sold on what day

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A photograph of the graduating class of 1898 from Drury High School, North Adams (Mass), as featured in the yearbook.
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