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A woman is playing the piano; two men and another woman are listening. All are wearing evening dress. Text on the front: "The Harvard Piano." Stamped on the front: "W.S. Underwood Co.,/Pianos,/Sewing & talking machines,/North Adams, Mass." Copyright…

Boy in a blue jacket, wearing a red fez with a tassel. He is holding a card with a picture of a sewing machine on it. Text on the front: "Compliments of New Home Sewing Machine Co/Orange Mass, New York, Boston, Chicago/San Francisco, St. Louis Dallas…

A man is serenading a woman who is looking out at him from a window. He is holding a tennis racket as if it were a guitar. Text on the front: " Estey Organ Company/Brattleboro, VT.(U.S.A.)" Stamped on the back: "W. S. Underwood/North Adams,/1 Holden…

A group of Brownies parading past a piano and an organ. Brownies are carrying banners with the letters E S T E Y on them. Text on the front: "ESTEY/Estey method organ." Stamped on the back: From W. S. Underwood,/Holden St,/North Adams, Mass" Printed…

A young child, looking up, with a scarf framing its face. Text on the front: "Decker Brothers Pianos./W. S. Underwood,/Pianos, organs, sewing machines,?1 Holden St.,/No. Adams, Mass." Text on the back: "Decker Brothers'/Grand, upright &…

Three people, back to the viewer, looking at a sign.The boy on the right is holding a child's hoop. The scene is rural, with a house on the right and a stone wall in front of the sign. Text on the front: "Barnard, Gallup & Co., One price cash…

Young child sitting on a spool of thread held aloft by a balloon (not in view). Text on front: "Willimantic/Thread Booming"/"Willimantic Linen Co./50/200yds"; "The Hatch Lith. Co. NY." Text on back: "America Ahead!/All the Honors/Atlanta, 1881./Ask…

Two children holding hands. A boy, on the left, is standing. A younger child, a girl, is sitting on a fur rug on a chair. On the front: "W. H. Lyon,/44 Holden St.,/North Adams, Mass./Successor to Ogden." On the back (in ink): "Albert Greely…

A full-length of a young woman. Her dress has large puffed sleeves and cuffs. She is resting her right hand on a chair. On the front: "Lyon/44 Holden Street,/North Adams, Mass." The back is blank.

Head and shoulders of a women. On the front: "Lyon/44 Holden Street/North Adams, Mass./Sucessor to Ogden." The back is blank.

A baby lying in a baby carriage. On the front: "Lyon/44 Holden Street,/North Adams, Mass." The back is blank.

A woman in a striped dress with a large lace collar and bows on her shoulders holding the left hand of a small, standing child. On the front: "Lyon/44 Holden Street,/North Adams, Mass/Successor to Ogden." The back is blank.
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