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This is a short, five-page narrative where the author, Herb Wilkinson, explains his grandparents' move to North Adams in 1919 and aims to provide a snapshot of North Adams of the period. This narrative includes details about the town, Arnold…

A couple, the husband seated on a chair with long fringe and the wife standing, with her right hand on her husband's left shoulder. She is wearing a fur-trimmed jacket and a bonnet. On the back: "H.D. Ward,/photographic/artist/78 Main Street,/No.…

A family portrait of mother, father and four daughters. On the front: " New York Studio/No. Adams, Mass." The back is blank.

A group of children and adults on Mt. Greylock. On the back (in pencil) "Myron (?) (crossed out)/Majel & Hilton/on Greylock/(in ink)about 1915/Thomas Cummings" Majel was Roy Leon Smith's daughter. He was a faculty member (geography, science,…

A group of marching school children, mostly girls. There is an American flag in the background. Several spectators are holding umbrellas to protect themselves from the sun, since there are obvious shadows on the ground. The back is blank.

A group of school children in the style of clothing from the 18th century bowing to each other. They are on the lawn below Murdock Hall. The back is blank.

A little girl in a white dress standing on an upholstered chair. On the front: "Bombardier,No. Adams, Mass." The back is blank.

A man, with a mustache and beard, seated and a woman, standing, with her left hand on his left shoulder. She appears to be wearing a wedding ring, so this is probably a married couple. On the front: "Ward,/North Adams,/Mass." Also, the initial HDW…

A postcard showing a couple walking in a park, while the woman looks at another man. Addressed to Miss Agnes Scully. The back reads “From Ellen Scully Miss Agnes Scully Windsor Lake North Adams Mass”.

A small child in a lacy white dress sitting on an upholstered chair. On the front: "The New York Studio/($2)/36/Main St./No. Adams" The back is blank.

A small child in a white dress on a chair and leaning on a fabric-covered table. On the front: "Parsons./Adams, Mass." The back has a printed pattern, but no text.
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