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This is an agreement showing the money given to employees of Sprague Electric, in order to settle for severence, because they were displaced from their profession.

Original brick from the construction of St. Frances church, which was torn down in 2016.

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A postcard of the Schenectady County Court House addressed to Miss Agnes Scully. The back is transcribed as “I’ll be laced Sun night I’m going every minute having a great time Miss Agnes Scully North Adams Mass Tunnel Road”.

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Postcard drawing of a small boy with the caption 'You're the first girl I've looked at that's looked at me!'. Addressed to Miss Agnes Scully The back is transcribed as “Miss Agnes Scully Tunnel Road North Adams Mass”.

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Postcard of County Court House, Schenectady, N.Y front

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Back of the letter, County Court House Schenectady, N.Y.

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These are ten photographs taken by Benjamin Morandi Jr.'s father, Benjamin Morandi Sr., that show various buildings and scenes from Marshall St. as it looked in the 1960s when it served as the facilities of Sprague Electric. This is now the site of…

This is a glass plate with the negative form of a photo on it. It appears to be the opening of the Mohawk Trail. A group of residents poses, dressed up as pilgrims and Native Americans.

A glass negative of an elderly woman and a child posing in a scene.

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Postcard of Hawthorne Hall, the residence of Mrs. Bayard Thayer. The building is made of brick and has seven visible chimneys. Addressed to Miss Agnes Scully. The back is transcribed as “I’m spending a week in Lancaster sorry I missed your father,…

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A postcard of a young black girl sits on the lap of a black boy. The boy seems very surprised. there is text at the bottom that says "Henry! I just lubs every corner of yo' head" Addressed to Miss Agnes Scully. The back is transcribed as "Dear Ag-…

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A postcard of two soldiers in green uniforms standing in the center. One is leaning around the other and making the other smile with his hand. Addressed to Miss Agnes Scully. The back is transcribed as “Hope you can find him and if he looking like…
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