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North Adams Normal School Class of 1912. Reunion of class members from Berkshire County. Taken at home of Marion Miller in Chesterfield on June 28, 1962.
Back row: Florence Coffill, Gertrude Butler, Dele Lutts, Ruth Knickebocker.
2nd row: Jennie…

A wintery view of the normal school buildings from the southeast. From left to right the buildings are Taconic Hall, College Hall and the Principal's house. Taconic Hall is written on the back in ink.

Three people standing in front of one of the entrances to Murdock Hall on the east side. On the back (in ink): "left to right/Frank Staples/(painted picture on south/wall of living room)/?/Roy Leon Smith" Stamped (in red ink) "Mar 6 1944" If the man…

Elizabeth Jenkins, Supervisor of Extension Department and teacher of rural education, and Roy Leon Smith, Principal standing in front of the west entrance to the principal's house. On the back (in ink): "Elizabeth Jenkins/& Roy Leon Smith"; (in…

Roy Leon Smith. The location is unknown, but the buildings don't match buildings in known normal school gardens photographs. On the back (in pencil): "Roy Leon Smith"; (stamped): "3 86"

Roy Leon Smith, faculty member, then principal of the normal school. Murdock Hall and the principal's house can be seen in the background. The back is blank.

Roy Leon Smith in front of the stairs on the west side of Murdock Hall. The stairs were removed some time before 1938. On the back (in pencil): ""Monarch of all/he surveys"/H"; (in red ink): "Roy Smith"

Roy Leon Smith, faculty member and principal, and his wife Ethel. On the back (in red pencil): "R.L.S. & spouse"

Principal Murdock and his wife Alice. The back is blank.

Frank Fuller Murdock, faculty and principal.

Dorothy Murdock, daughter of Frank Fuller Murdock, and Myron Smith, son of Roy Leon Smith, on the west side of Murdock Hall. The old Mark Hopkins School can be seen in the background. On the back: (in pencil): "Dorothy Murdock/& Myron/Principal…

This may be a photograph of a party in honor of Principal Murdock's retirement in 1921. He can be seen standing in the middle of the photograph. On the back (in pencil): "Principal Murdock"
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