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Scanned Documents.pdf
Mustard-colored fabric numbers. Numbers from 1941 collectively and were dontated to Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts Freel archives.

NASC Orientation Handout0001.pdf
A student information card given to students at orientation detailing important information. This includes a calendar, building reference guide, a list of fees, and the administrators at the time.

A women's basketball team named the Elizabeth's posing for a picture with another women's basketball team named the S.J.'s. The players on the Elizabeth's were named O'Connor, O'Hern, O'Shea, Blanchard, Gallagher, and Roach. The players on the S.J.'s…

Photo of MCLA student Rob Masabry in front of two brick buildings at the end of Blackinton Street, as of 2022, the MCLA President's House in the front right and the MCLA Student Wellness Center in the back left. Text on the back reads "Christina…

This object is a gold finished pin, inscribed with the repeating abbreviation for Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts (MCLA) in navy blue. The idea of the pin was created by Alumni and Trustee Buffy Lord. These pins are given to community members…

A plastic paperweight with a seal on the top; seal has a lighthouse etching with Latin and English text
English text: North Adams State College
Latin text: LUX ESTO VERA

A small white toothbrush with "ORIENTATION 1970" inscribed on the handle given to new students at North Adams State College orientation in 1970; donated by Jerry Desmaris, Class of 1974.

North Adams Normal school graduation photo of F. McDonald, Marjorie Hume, and A. Marshall. June, 1930.

Ceramics studio c1975.jpg
A student working in the ceramics studio in Bowman Hall

Students moving into Berkshire Towers c1975.jpg
Photograph of students moving into Berkshire Towers

Exterior 1996.jpg
An exterior shot of Berkshire Towers

Exterior 1995.jpg
An exterior photo of Berkshire Towers taken from the lawn in front of Murdock Hall
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