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Construction 1971 001.jpg
Two photos of construction crews prepping the site for the construction of the Amsler Campus Center

Campus Center under construction 1971-72.jpg
An exterior shot of the Amsler Campus Center under construction

Campus Center outdoors with students c1990.jpg
A photo of a group of students playing basketball across the street from the Amsler Campus Center

Campus Center interior c1980.jpg
Interior photo of the Amsler Campus Center taken sometime in the early 1980s

An interior photograph of students and staff eating in the cafeteria of the Amsler Campus Center sometime during the 1980s

Cafeteria 002.jpg
Interior photograph of the Amsler Campus Center dining area

Dan Bosley '76 and Steve Green.jpg
A photograph of Dan Bosely, class of 1976 and Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, Steve Green

Alumni in Waltham 2000.jpg
A photograph of NASC alumni at a gathering in Waltham

My Heart's in the Heart of the Berkshires. Words by Chas. F. Bergin. Music by Harry Verona. Published by Samuel H. Speck, Regal Building 37th St. & Broadway, New York. Copyright Chas. F. Bergin 1914. Single pages from After the War is Over (words and…

If I Had You. Words by Myrtle Reed. Music by E. E. Guilford. Published by E. E. Guilford, North Adams, Mass. "Successfully sung by Mr. John J. Nestor" Cover art by Starmer. 6p (p.6 is blank).

Sheet music for Big Arrow, Indian Intermezzo. By M. R. Coon and H. M. Guilford. Published by Imperial Publishing Co., North Adams, Mass. Copyright by M. R Coon, 1909. 6 pages, the last page is blank. On the front (in ink): "R Masterman"

Sheet music for the song True Blue. Words by William Cummings. Music by Milford R. Coon. E.E. Guilford, Music Publisher, North Adams, Mass. Copyright, 1907, by Milford R. Coon. 6 pages, the last is blank. Cover art by Starmer.
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