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Ceramics studio c1975.jpg
A student working in the ceramics studio in Bowman Hall

Students moving into Berkshire Towers c1975.jpg
Photograph of students moving into Berkshire Towers

Students in Campus Center Pub 1991.jpg
Students in the Campus Center Pub

Outdoor stairs.jpg
Students on the stairs of the Amsler Campus Center

Grill 1994.jpg
Interior shot of students at the campus center grill

Campus Center outdoors with students c1990.jpg
A photo of a group of students playing basketball across the street from the Amsler Campus Center

Campus Center interior c1980.jpg
Interior photo of the Amsler Campus Center taken sometime in the early 1980s

An interior photograph of students and staff eating in the cafeteria of the Amsler Campus Center sometime during the 1980s

An early view of the Principal's house with normal school students playing croquet on the lawn. A section of Church Street is visible. The back is blank

Normal school students playing tennis on the lawn in front of the dormitory, Taconic Hall. The back of the photograph is blank.

Normal school students at what is probably the class ivy planting ceremony, Murdock Hall. Fashion and hairstyles would support an approximate date of 1920. The back is marked (in crayon) with the number 2.

Training school students from the old Mark Hopkins School working in the normal school gardens. Two normal school students, seen on the left in long skirts are supervising them. The back is blank.
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